Morning Sky Residence

Cottonwood, AZ

Located in the foothills of Mingus Mountain, the steeply sloping site has expansive views to the Verde Valley, the red rock country of Sedona, and San Francisco Peaks 25 miles away.  The slope orientation works perfectly with the spectacular panorama, setting up a strategy of planning the house, stable/studio and garage/entry as a series of separate elements rising and falling with the topography and connected by a series of terraces and paths.

The house is nestled into the land at the high end of the 2.6 acre site.  Its main entry is arrived at through a series of terraces and steps carved into the hillside which constantly re-orient you to present varying views.  The 2,500 sq. ft. house is on two levels, the lower floor cut into the land.  The upper level consists of an open transparent space containing living, kitchen and dining areas, and a more solid volume of playful forms where the private areas are located.

Dropping down the property, the horse stable and studio volume similarly situates itself as an element carved into the slope, with the studio floating on piers over the stable.